Oxballs – Miguel



MIGUEL attaches to your scrotum by a built in cock-sling base and melds to your penis like a second skin. Made from signature FLEX-TPR – it’s blubbery and squishy. Coat the inside with lube, pop in, and you’re ready to play. MIGUEL’s soft material and hollow chamber create a sucking sensation that works your penis. The built in sling and suction keeps your erection plumped. MIGUEL adds width and length. For a tighter fit, MIGUEL comes with one “nub” insert that is designed to “lock” into the hollow chamber making the inside shaft shorter by about 1″. The inside chamber is about 7″, you can use additional optional bullet “nubs” for a custom fit.

Measurements: 8.25″/21cm length

Material: Flex-TPR

Color: Clear


UPC: 84025114709

Cleaning: We always recommend using an antibacterial toy cleaner; they are specially designed to be gentle on intimate areas and toys.

Lubricant recommendations: We always recommend using water-based lubricant with all your toys.