Little Genie – Behind Closed Doors



Leave any feelings of control at the door with the Behind Closed Doors board game…

With this game you’ll be letting fate decide where you go in the bedroom. Collect positions and actions as you move around the board and create your perfect evening in with your partner.

How to play: Make your way around the board, collecting cards from the squares that you land on as you go. For a little added heat, you may land on a square that instructs you to strip a piece of clothing along the way. The first player to reach the winner circle gets to incorporate all of their cards for a fun romp!


  • Game board
  • 25 position cards
  • 25 item cards
  • 25 foreplay cards
  • 2 game tokens
  • 1 die

SKU: BCD.011
UPC: 685634101851